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I hear the song of your sadness

if they've become the same, it's time you unbecame

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Let's Dance Like We Used To, Pt 2Collapse )

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Thank you so much for reading it!

This made me make happy faces!

Thank you for reading!

Thought you might like to know
your fic, Let's Dance Like We Used To, has been recced HERE
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♥ ♥ Thank you for making my day!

Fabulous! The premise was scary - eek, Danny leaving Steve. Great job of laying it out, building a new life for Danny and a new partner, the messages back and forth from Chin and Kono and finally Danny waking up to Steve watching him. Great voices as Steve moves in and the two make a life together, without actually talking about it. Enjoyed Garcia and the San Diego PD characters and their take on the Danny/Steve partnership. Great dialog with Steve and Danny, you really nailed them. Loved every bit of this.

♥ Thank you so much for reading and I'm really happy you liked the scenes of establishment because I was worried people would just skim & skip those.

So full of amazing emotions! I especially loved the cryptology discussion.

Thank you for reading! :-D

Oh, this was excellent! I honestly didn't think I'd find an author willing to take Steve out of Hawaii, so I was tickled pink to find this story, because I kept wondering what would happen to the two of them if Danny had to follow Grace somewhere else, which, given Stan's job, is probably pretty likely. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thanks so much for sharing!

I was a little bit surprised it hadn't been done, because it was just SUCH A PREMISE! Thank you for reading and I'm glad you liked!

this is just....so lovely. of course Steve wouldn't be able to handle Danny leaving, and of course he would go after him in the end. I love the way you've captured the pull between them - the way Danny knows he has to go, but still worries about leaving Steve behind. and the ending. <3 <3 <3

loved reading this!!

♥ Thank you for reading and I'm glad you liked it!


i cannot express....how...absolutely...wow that story was. it was sweet and endearing and heart wrenching in all the right places!


♥ Thank you so much for reading it!

Aww, Steve. So brave despite his silly, silly, emotionally-stunted heart!

Loved it so so much. ♥

♥ Thank you so much for reading this!

I don't think I left a comment on this the first time I read it, so here goes: it's one of my favorites. I keep coming back to this story, for its subtleties and truthfulness to the way long-term relationships develop. Congratulations; you knocked it out of the park with this one.

♥ I'm very pleased you liked it because I adored writing it. Thank you for reading!

Love this!!

Thank you so much for reading it!

That was perfect!

Thank you so much for reading!

This was so incredibly bittersweet and painful and just lovely. I mean of course Steve is gonna follow his Danno. And even though Danno loves his Grace more than life he's also gonna follow his Steve (that's why he is trying to get the idiot out of jail instead of going off to NJ with his ex and daughter *g*). I love how dumb Steve is until he finally realizes he just belongs with Danny. Awww. And Chin and Kono were just awesome. And I love your OC of Garcia. Hee. This was just lovely. And also Steve is definitely a scary stalker type. I'm surprised Danny didn't have a heart attack. Hee!

Thank you so much for reading and I'm glad you liked! (Esp. Garcia because he was fun to write and I always fear ppl will not like the OC)

This was fantastic. You took a nice new pathway and gave us well-realized individuals in Mary and your OMC, Garcia. I like that they get to be rationally happy and IN CHARACTER.

I'm really pleased that you liked it! I loooved writing this, to the point I'm writing some more, so thank you very much for reading!

Lovely story. 'I came for you' <-- my favorite line of the story.

It was me that just post an anonymous comment. Didnt realize I had been logged out.

Thank you so much for reading the fic and I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much for leaving a comment to let me know!

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