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I hear the song of your sadness

if they've become the same, it's time you unbecame

who: paris in summertime: by ?
AndreaLyn andrealyn
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Lend Me Your Heart 2/2
Lend Me Your Heart, Part TwoCollapse )

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I love this. So awesome!

Thank you so much for reading it!

Finally! I loved this!!
Awesome work!

♥ Thank you for reading!

(Deleted comment)
I AM GLAD YOU ENJOYED! And yes, I might agree about phone-reading-awkwardness!

*g* Nice. Luved the angsty bits. Usually I'm always up for a happy ending, but somehow I really wanted to see Steve rub Danny's face in it. oh well - it's been a bad day.

Rest assured, there was probably ample face-rubbing that went both ways!

Thank you for reading!

This was gut wrenching. I loved it. Steve really screwed up three years ago but with putting the team first, he seems to have grown a lot and that is all that Danny was looking for. I love the angst and the emotion from both sides and I love how they finally put that away and get the job done and even try to become friends and partners again. And there's of course the hope and promise for the future. Just lovely.

♥ Thank you so very much for reading the fic and I'm glad you liked it! I really loved writing this one, even if it was just an angst-fest for the most part.

Late to the H5-0 party, but loved this fic! Thank you :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read it!

Aww tis was so cute. Angsty steve is awesome.

Thank you so much for reading this! <3

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